Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Smallville Tonight! Will It Be A Sleeper Or A Snoozer?

It's Thursday and another New Smallville Episode! Be sure to catch tonight's new Episode 7.17 - Sleeper, which airs @ 8 PM ET/7 PM PT on the CW Network.

Perhaps, it's not surprising that Lois is not in tonight's
new episode as it might be a snoozer episode, lol. Still, try to watch it for the continuation of last week's episode or stay awake just in time for the trailer for next week's 150th episode, Apocalypse, where Lois returns in AU in the arms of her one and only future soul mate Clark Kent!

Here's the CW's Official description for Sleeper:

The CW's Official Description: JIMMY HELPS THE DEPARTMENT OF DOMESTIC SECURITY ARREST CHLOE — Clark (Tom Welling) desperately searches for Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and Brainiac (guest star James Marsters), as Brainiac is the only one who can reverse Lana's (Kristin Kreuk) condition. Clark asks Chloe (Allison Mack) to check any large power surges in the area, so she breaks into several government computers, setting off alarms. Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) is caught between the Department of Security - who threatens him with jail time unless he helps them arrest Chloe - and Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), who offers to help clear Chloe if Jimmy agrees to be in his debt.

Some Episode Stills for Sleeper:

View more stills here.

Watch the Sleeper trailer below:

and the Director's Cut:

More about this episode here (registration required. you must be fd2c forum member to view and post at the following ...) » Spoilers , » Trailer & Director's Cut (viewable), and » Episode 7.17 - Sleeper Discussion Thread (viewable) for our usual LIVE episode discussions.

Source: Superman Homepage (sleeper Stills) | dettxw (sleeper Trailer via YouTube) | alena61543 (sleeper director's cut via YouTube)

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