Monday, April 21, 2008

Movie News: Dean Cain To Star in 'Material Lies'

Hollywood Reporter reports that Teri Polo is set and Dean Cain and Jay Thomas are in final negotiations to play leads in the ensemble film "Material Lies" for Starr Light Prods.

Katherine Starr will write and direct. Cain will play struggling actor Josh, who upon learning that he has leukemia arranges a weekend reunion of his former college friends, including his former sweetheart Ginni (Polo), with whom he hopes to reconcile. He plans to portray himself as wealthy and successful, and Frank (Thomas) agrees to help.

Production is slated to begin in June in Malibu. Starr, Valerie McCaffrey, Shelly Earl and Scott Hamilton will produce.

L&K Memo: Wouldn't it be nice if it was the other Teri as in Teri Hatcher (his former Lois & Clark co-star) that Dean Cain is co-starring in this film not Teri Polo? As a huge L&C/DC & TH fan, I can only wish Dean & Teri would reunite and co-star in another tv series (*inserts Desperate Housewives here*, hehe!) or movie (any tv or film would do), lol...

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