Friday, April 11, 2008 Interview With Kate Bosworth

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Read parts of her interview from below: Who first approached you about 21?

Kate Bosworth: It was Kevin (Spacey). I had just finished a beautiful little film with Sigourney Weaver and directed by David Auburn called, “The Girl In The Park.” I was actually in the midst of planning a road trip across America when I received a call from Kevin saying, ‘come play with us in Vegas!’ How do you resist that? (laughs). I read the script and it was great- other than my female part. She was, at that point, pretty two-dimensional. She was the “hot fantasy girl.” And that’s it. The executives at Sony were great. They were very aware of that issue, and fortunately for me, were subsequently incredibly open to collaborate to create a more realistic female character- one with her own inner struggles and complications to overcome. Do you have a certain mindset when you’re so far away from home?

Kate Bosworth: Well, it’s a double edged sword, really. On one hand, I miss my friends and family back home. On the flip side, I love getting lost in a character, in the world she lives in. I enjoy bonding with cast and crew, all of us become like a little family away from home. I loved being so far away while filming Superman Returns, for example. It was such a gigantic film and to be in Australia was wonderful; we all felt like we were far away in our own little bubble. The experience would not have been the same if it had been shot in Los Angeles. I love Aussies. They don’t care how famous you are, they care more about who you are as a person. They are incredibly down to earth. Filming Superman in Sydney kept the whole experience grounded. I attribute that to the Australian crew and to Bryan Singer (director) for creating a safe, playful atmosphere. On quite a gigantic film, the energy felt more like that of an independent. Bryan is so detailed. He will see an extra in the background and ask why she isn’t carrying a bag. He is meticulous; a perfectionist. It’s the third time you’ve worked with Kevin….

Kate Bosworth: We have worked together three times, and they have been three very different films! From singers and movie stars (Beyond the Sea), to comic book characters (Superman Returns), to genius card counters (21). That’s the fun of making films… to be able to play. It’s an added benefit when we get the chance to play with people we know and love. We have had such a laugh together. Kevin is a true professional, but he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously. He’s one of those highly intelligent, witty people who clearly love to make other people laugh. He’s especially funny when you get him going after a couple of cocktails. I just adore him. Will you play Lois Lane again?

Kate Bosworth: I hope so. I wish I could tell you more but I don’t really know. Bryan has been working on Valkyrie in Germany, and he’s clearly focused on that at the moment. There is a writer’s strike going on as well, so the industry is at a stand-still in terms of being able to write a story. Bryan executed the first Superman so well, keeping the classic feel and yet bringing Superman back into the modern world. And Bryan’s the sort of person who won’t do a film unless he feels it’s absolutely right. I think he’s just getting all the pieces put together.

You can read the full interview here.

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