Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ten Things You Never Knew About Teri Hatcher

This was taken from Digital Spy:

Teri Hatcher is Hollywood's comeback queen. Eight years after flying high as Superman's squeeze Lois Lane and playing a Bond Girl opposite Pierce Brosnan, the self-confessed "has been" was crying on her kitchen floor fretting about paying her mortgage. Luckily, Desperate Housewives came along in 2004 to pluck her out of the wilderness and catapult her right back to the top of the A-list. Her turn as neurotic Susan Mayer has earned her a cabinet full of awards, a lucrative beauty contract, a hit autobiography and even a TV show based on her life.

Here are the 3 (of 10) fascinating facts about the Wisteria Lane's girl next door:

1. Teri was studying maths and engineering in college when she headed to Hollywood to lend moral support to a pal during an open casting call. She ended up auditioning herself and landed her big break as a singing and dancing mermaid in The Love Boat.

Teri had the hots for Lois & Clark co-star Dean Cain when they first met in 1993.

3. A raunchy snap of Teri wearing nothing but Supes's scarlet cape was downloaded from the internet more than 20,000 times in 1995! She said at the time: "It's a great shot. Not so much because it's me. It's just cool-looking."

Read the rest of them here.

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