Thursday, March 6, 2008

Brandon Routh To Be In A Community Episode In 'Fear Itself'

Trek Day has more information on the new NBC summer series that Brandon Routh just signed on to do including one of the episodes, Community, which he will co-star with Shiri Appleby (Rosewell).

John Billingsley will appear in an episode of Fear Itself, a new suspense and horror anthology series.

As reported in a press release from NBC, Billingsley will appear in the Community episode of Fear Itself, which will be directed by Mary Harron (American Psycho, Big Love).

is about a young married couple, played by Brandon Routh and Shiri Appleby (Six Degrees), who seem to find the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood. They soon realize that their neighbors will go to any extreme, including murder, to make sure that the new couple complies with the neighbors' twisted sense of conformity.

Fear Itself is a thirteen-episode anthology. "We've teamed up with some of the most illustrious writers, actors and directors to create a distinctive, scare-filled series that will push the boundaries of this classic genre," said Teri Weinberg, executive vice president of NBC Entertainment. "'Fear Itself' will deliver memorable and horrifying moments that will keep fans on the edge of their seats, begging for more on this fun-filled ride of terror."

"We and our partners at Industry Entertainment couldn't be happier about NBC's enthusiastic support of 'Fear Itself'," said Kevin Beggs, president of television programming for Lionsgate. "and the caliber of artists who have been drawn to the project. Our goal is to offer audiences a fantastic thrill every week and we've certainly got the all-star team to do it." Lionsgate will be producing the series in association with Industry Entertainment.

Fear Itself is shooting in Edmonton, Canada, and will appear this summer.

The official lineup for season one has now been announced, which gives us all the writers, directors and stars that are involved with the show. Check out the episode breakdowns including Brandon Routh's episode Community.

Fear Itself
is currently scheduled for the summer and is set to debut on May 29 at 10 PM.

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