Friday, November 6, 2009

Picture Comparison: Lois & Clark at the Daily Planet

More Clois picture comparison! Check them out!

Lois & Clark (L&C and SV) inside an elevator of the Daily Planet


Lois & Clark (of L&C and SR) banters outside the Daily Planet

Clois (L&C and SV) busy and working side by side
inside the Daily Planet

Clark & Lois (L&C and SV) 
take a look at the computer for clues, 
while SV's Clois looked at Lois' online profile...

Lois (L&C and SV) seats
in front and on top of Clark's desk

Lois (L&C and SV) happily 
hugged Clark (and vice versa)

Team Lane & Kent (L&C and SR) outside the Daily Planet

Clois (L&C and SV) in an iconic and romantic kiss while on the job

Superman (L&C, SR, and SV) rescues Lois Lane

Lois & Clark (L&C and SV) big smile

Clark (L&C and SR) stares at Lois from across his desk

Lois (L&C, SR, and SV) gazes at Clark

An almost Superman-Lois/Clois Kiss (SR and SV)

Plus...a bonus promo images of Clois actors side-by-side...

Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher (L&C), Kate Bosworth & Brandon Routh (SR),
and Erica Durance & Tom Welling (SV)

[lois & clark's crossfire episode cutout photo source: Skesser

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