Thursday, June 12, 2008

Erica Durance still contracted for 13 episodes in Smallville's Season 8?

TV Guide reports that Erica Durance will return for Smallville’s 8th season, but as usual, since she joined the show in season 4, she is not contracted to appear in every episode. She has [almost] always appeared with her usual contracted 13 episodes (except this past season 7 with just 12 episodes due to WGA strike and show's mini-hiatus, the show's episode was shorten to 20 from the usual 22 episodes).

According to the TV Guide site’s “Today’s News: Our Take” column:

Lois fans from Smallville have one request: Throw us a freakin' bone here! Please tell us she will finally be in every episode in Season 8. — Luke

Read Luke's answer on TV Guide here.

As for Smallville's Season 8 premiere date, TV Guide also reports that it's currently listed as "TBA."


Seeya'round Smallville said...

At least SOMEONE finally paid attention to us. We're campaigning to get Erica more episodes and we're not going to stop!

Thanks for the post, Jeane. =)

Jeane said...

You're welcome, Luke. Was that you who sent that question? If so, glad to hear it got attention from TV Guide. I hope Erica gets more episodes too. She's been on the show since season 4 and rightly deserves to get more than the usual 13 she gets.

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