Friday, February 8, 2008

“Smallville” Interview with Al Gough

The Trades has published an interview with Al Gough in which they ask him about last night's new "Smallville" episode (Siren), which introduces Black Canary. Al Gough also talks about what might happen in the future...

    Obviously Tom Welling is getting older and Clark can't stay a young man forever. Are there any plans to develop Smallville into a live-action Justice League series, seeing as how the group has already been formed on the show?

    Well, they have a "Justice League" movie in development, which was moving forward, and now because of the writers' strike was sort of sidelined, so I'm not sure whether that's going to come back. But again, in the strange corporate world we live in, I think that would negate any Justice League series on our part, unfortunately.

    Eventually Clark will become Superman. But given how things have transpired in Smallville, how will Clark avoid recognition by people who know him so well -- in particular, his former best friend, Lex Luthor?

    That will be the challenge when we wrap up the series -- although, we know how we want to do it. It'll feed into the Superman legend. Whether it will be a version people respond to remains to be seen. But we do have ideas as to how to wrap our version of Clark and Smallville into the Superman lore.

Read the complete interview at The Trades website.

Source: Superman Homepage

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