Wednesday, February 13, 2008

L&K NewsBits

  • Obama Gets Help From Big-Screen "Superman"

According to NewsTalk in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Superman Returns stars Brandon Routh and Kal Penn will be making a pit-stop at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse to represent presidential hopeful Barack Obama on Thursday, Feb. 14th.

  • Names Baby Boomer Power Couples (OTCBB:BOMJ), a Web-based niche lifestyle portal and social network serving more than 78 million Baby Boomers, today named the Top 10 Baby Boomer Couples. This group, a result of the post-WWII baby boom, will continue to play a significant role influencing the shape of U.S. culture, policy and business.

Superman & Lois Lane made the Top 10 at #10!

10. Superman & Lois Lane
- This famed superhero couple first reached the big screen in 1977 played by baby boomer icons Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder. They reunited to reprise their roles throughout the 1980s in the series sequels.

  • SAG Pressured to Avoid Walkout As WGA Strike Ends

Teri Hatcher
is involved with other 800 actors in a petition to the Screen Actor's Guild as they are closer to negotiations for their own contract.

Members of the Screen Actors Guild, whose contract with studios expires June 30, are being encouraged by studios, other unions and a group of actors to avoid a strike similar to the one ended by the Writers Guild of America yesterday, Daily Variety reports. About 800 actors, including Teri Hatcher, Charlie Sheen and Sally Field, are among a group petitioning the SAG board to have an earnings minimum requirement for members eligible to vote on a possible strike, the newspaper says.

You can read more about this here at Variety.

  • Smallville: Siren Caps

Here are some random Siren caps featuring Lois & Clark and Oliver & Dinah/Black Canary from episode #11 of Smallville's season 7.

Click images below to enlarge!

View more Siren Caps here.

Credit & Thanks
(as always) to Louise (over at our fd2c forum) for the Siren caps.

  • Dean Cain scenes in CSI Miami

If you missed Dean Cain's guest appearance in CSI Miami's Season 6, Episode 8 - "Permanent Vacation."

You can view it via YouTube below:

Source: Supering91

  • Kate Bosworth on E! Entertainment Specials: Victoria's Secret: What is Sexy? 2008

    If you missed Kate Bosworth being featured in (the first airing of) E! Entertainment Specials: Victoria's Secret: What is Sexy? 2008 segment last Feb. 3rd (Superbowl Sunday), tomorrow, the 14th (Valentines Day) you'll get a chance to see her on their list with the "Sexiest Eyes."

    According to KB fan and poster member named Katrina (who has seen it) over at Kate Bosworth Forums:

    "The segment is really wonderful. Lots of video of Kate looking radiant and lots of praise for her beauty. It was longer than I expected, not the usual sound bite, so I was unable to capture much of the narrative. "Kate first floored fans as...Blue Crush", "You'll notice something stunning about Kate's eyes", "one is crystal blue and one is stormy looking", Eva Longoria saying "I love Kate Bosworth", Danny Masterson talking about how hot she is, and Josh Duhamel talking about how fab she is. The clip of her interview about how she has long term relationships rather than dating. They had to allude - of course - to the O thing, but then showed the pic of Kate and James on the New York pier, stating his name and occupation and how happy they are together. They also said that she has FOUR movies coming out this year!"

    Be sure to catch it this time as the special repeats on E! on Valentine's Day, Thursday, Feb 14, 10:00 PM.

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