Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kate Bosworth in Vogue Magazine's February 2008 Cover

Kate Bosworth shows off her superstar style in the February 2008 cover of Vogue. Interview snippets as always:

From surfing prodigy to Lois Lane herself, Kate Bosworth has built an impressive and varied career in Hollywood, even as legions of young women were haters because of her very public relationship with heartthrob Orlando Bloom. Well, that and the fact that she was suddenly the darling of the fashion world and was getting all kinds of fabulous free stuff from designers. And her one blue eye (the other is brown).

Now, in the midst of publicizing her new flick, 21, about a bunch of MIT students who win huge amounts of money playing blackjack in Las Vegas, the 25-year-old Kate did an interview and photo spread for Vogue magazine. The best stuff, which includes her addressing the anorexia rumors, is after the jump...

On her ex Orlando Bloom: “Orlando and I met when we were kids. Blue Crush hadn’t come out. Lord of the Rings hadn’t come out. … He was the first big heartbreak. … First love: You feel like it’s the be-all and end-all. … To put as little pressure on the relationship you’re in is very important. I regret that it was too intense for both of us.”

On still remaining friends with ex-boyfriends: “The fact that I’m very close with my past relationships is something I pride myself on. My mom is still close to her first husband. It’s nice to be able to enjoy someone in a different form.”

On losing 12 pounds from stress: “Whenever anything happens that’s very painful or stressful, we all lose weight — my mother, my aunt, my grandmother. … I honestly thought something was wrong with me. … I was concerned for my health and my fans, the public. I would have said, don’t look at this as the standard of some kind of beauty and health. [It was] a very dark time in my life.”

On meeting model/musician boyfriend James Rousseau at a Marc Jacobs after-party: “I looked like a mess. I always ask him why he didn’t turn and walk away. He had no idea who I was. He said, ‘You’re an actress? You’re not Kate Hudson, are you?’ For a little while there he called me ‘Miss Hudson’ as a joke. [Afterward] we left and sang Dylan songs at Maggie’s Pub. Sitting on a bar stool, having a beer. He saw the potential. He wanted to fix me in a little way. And to be quite honest, he did. He was such a ray of light in my life.”

Kate, 25, has a new film coming out on called 21 (Jim Sturgess, Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne). It’s about a blackjack team made up of six MIT students, who train to become experts in card counting and subsequently take Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. Release date: March 28th.

Also, in other Kate Bosworth magazine cover related news ...

Kate will be on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine's April 2008 issue:

Spring is shaping up to be Kate Bosworth season. The trend-setting actress, who’s said to be on the cover of February Vogue, recently shot her second of what is sure to be one of many future magazine covers in the coming months. Marie Claire fashion director Tracy Taylor styled the petite actress for the Hearst title’s April cover right after Christmas in Los Angeles, when Bosworth jetted back to the U.S. for a brief break from the New Zealand set of Laundry Warrior.

Source: Kate Bosworth Forums | Just Jared

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